Christmas rave at No 10 organised on Facebook with over 200k ‘attending’ already

A Christmas rave at 10 Downing Street which has been organised on Facebook has already got over 200,000 people "attending".

The joke event has been set up in response to the allegation that a party took place at Number 10 last year despite there being a nationwide lockdown.

A video obtained by ITV showed Allegra Stratton, the Prime Minister's then-press secretary, laughing over how to describe the gathering.

A Conservative Party spokesperson admitted to The Times last night that another bash for Shaun Bailey’s mayoral campaign was thrown days before the alleged No 10 Christmas party.

Following the outbreak of the scandal, which has caused an avalanche of backlash for the Government, Stratton resigned from her job on Wednesday.

Now, one person has taken it upon themselves to invite some of their friends to the Prime Minister's home for a party.

The rave is scheduled for Christmas Eve at 6pm and the event description on Facebook states: "MASSIVE RAVE AT 10 DOWNING STREET. LINE UP. BORIS JOHNSTON & CHUMS.

"No social distancing required. Bring Who you like. Bring your own Nibbles and drink."

The event, organised by DJ Jon Mancini, has already become a huge success on the social media platform, with hundreds of comments making jokes about the whole situation.

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One user commented, "Anyone got boris number see if he’s coming or not not answering my calls", while another added, "Has anyone invited Kier? He seemed tetchy that he missed last years bash."

Some people have been using memes to poke fun at the situation, particularly ones from the comedy series, Little Britain, while others have been photoshopping rude pictures of Boris Johnson and other senior members of the cabinet.

The PM has apologised to the public over the leaked video that showed staff joking about last year's alleged Christmas party.

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday, Johnson said he understood the public's outrage at the clip, and that he was "furious" himself.

He also said that a full internal investigation would be conducted into what happened and those found to have acted inappropriately would face consequences.

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