Chubby two-year-old chain smoker who puffed 40 A DAY looks unrecognisable 7 years on

A TODDLER who shocked the world when he was pictured smoking cigarettes is completely transformed after kicking his 40-a-day habit.

Ardi Rizal, from Sumatra, Indonesia, was just two-years-old when he was shown happily puffing on cancer-causing fags.

But seven years later, the young lad successfully gave up the unhealthy addiction and was pictured looking slimmer and happier in 2017.

Previously overweight Ardi, who used to drink three cans of fatty condensed milk a day, now lives on a diet of fresh fish, fruit and vegetables.

The boy explained that it was very difficult to kick smoking.

He told CNN: "It was hard for me to stop. If I am not smoking, my mouth taste is sour and my head feel dizzy.

"I am happy now. I feel more enthusiastic, and my body is feeling fresh."

With government intervention and intensive specialist care, Ardi’s parents were able to wean him off cigarettes.

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His mum Diana says Ardi would have temper tantrums when she took away his fags.

She said she was afraid her son would die because of his addiction.

"He (would) start to smash his head to the wall. He was crazy, hurting himself if he didn't get a cigarette," Diana said.

Ardi’s parents said the smoking addiction started when his dad gave him his first cigarette when he was only 18 months old.

By after quitting ciggies, Ardi’s love for junk food developed so quickly his parents had to seek the help from a nutritionist.

Now, with the help of food specialists, Ardi is now addiction-free and excelling at school.

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