Citizen group marches in Montreal for government action on climate change

Quebec celebrities, politicians and citizens joined forces in Montreal Saturday afternoon by the thousands, taking part in a march to draw attention to climate issues.

The Montreal event was one of several marches held across Quebec and organized by The Planet Goes to Parliament.

Organizers are calling on the government and all elected officials to put in place measures to address climate change and the decline in biodiversity.

The Planet Goes to Parliament describes itself as a citizen-led movement that was created on Sept. 7 in response to “the almost complete absence of climate issues in the Quebec election campaign.”

The group says now is the time to act and points to this summer’s deadly heat wave — in which several dozen people died — as a sign of things to come if climate change is allowed to go unchecked.

More specifically, organizers want the government to develop an action plan aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and meeting targets set by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an international body of the United Nations tasked with assessing the science related to climate change.

The Planet Goes to Parliament is also asking the government for accountability, by publishing annual reports tracking its progress when it comes to meeting those targets.

The group is also calling for a ban on new oil and gas explorations and an end to fossil fuel subsidies.

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