Cocaine-addled dad ‘stabbed teen son, 17, to death for having sex with stepmum’

A man high on cocaine who thought his son was sleeping with his partner has been arrested on suspicion of stabbing him to death.

Kauan Gabriel Chalegre Arruda, 17, was sitting on the sofa in the living room of his Curitiba, Brazil home, when his dad allegedly stabbed him.

The identity of his 36-year-old father has not yet been released, with the incident understood to have happened on Tuesday (December 20).

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Kauan’s father is reported to have believed that his son was having an affair with his stepmother.

It is understood that, after being confronted on the allegation, the teen denied all claims.

But an argument ensued which allegedly resulted in the father plunging the blade into his son’s heart.

The boy is understood to have survived the initial injury and tried to flee.

But his efforts fell short when, upon his attempt to escape, he was stabbed twice more.

Despite help being on the way, the boy is understood to have succumbed to his injuries at a neighbour's house.

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The suspect is understood to have still had the knife in his hand when police arrived and apprehended him. He is was allegedly remorseful when taken to the station.

It's claimed that at the time the boy’s death occurred the father was high on cocaine.

It is understood accusations that the lad had been sleeping with his dad’s partner had been made before, neighbours have since revealed.

Speaking to local media, Corporal Knoll of the Military Police said: "The perpetrator of the crime was carrying the knife used in the crime.

"He was approached by the team and offered no resistance. He was confused, reported that he had used cocaine and had confused ideas."

The case will now be investigated further by civil police in an effort to establish what happened.

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