Cold weather forecast: Britain braced for NATIONWIDE freeze as polar front sparks havoc

BBC Weather: UK set for 'cooler and cloudier' conditions

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Temperatures will reach 0C across the UK on April 27, WXCharts has forecast, while Scotland will see lows of -1C. While temperatures will be below the seasonal average, there will be relatively little wind, with maximum wind speeds reaching up to 6km/h. There is also very little rain in the forecast for next week.

Weather forecaster Jim Dale told that temperatures will feel particularly cold at night and in the mornings.

He also warned that the country can expect to see frost in parts of the country and some snow in Scotland, as temperatures dip below the seasonal average.

Netweather forecaster Nick Finnis agreed, warning gardeners to “beware” of the cold temperatures.

He said: “A brisk and drying northeasterly breeze will continue next few days before switching to a northerly on Tuesday- which will pull down cloudier skies and cooler arctic air from the north for the rest of the week.

“So temperatures will be lower than this weekend, a little below average, with a risk of overnight frost where skies clear.

“There will be some showers, but most places will stay dry.

“Tuesday and Wednesday are looking cloudier and cooler generally, as more extensive cloud moves down across Britain as winds turn northerly, cloud thick enough for some patchy drizzle.

“Mostly dry and perhaps more in the way of sunny spells on Thursday and Friday, as high pressure builds in on top of the UK, where it stays cloudy it will feel cool but where the sun comes out it will feel pleasantly warm.

“A risk of rural frost though through the week, where skies clear at night. So gardeners beware.”

Meanwhile, Mr Dale told “The polar front is hovering over us all around us, or to the south of us depending on where you are in the UK.

“That polar front is a division between polar air and temperate air.

“At this time of year, that polar front – because of the sun’s strength and the daylight hours – it’s never as bad as what it would be if this was January, when it would be true polar.

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“What we’ve got with that polar front around us and to the south of us is a cool regime of weather.

“Cold in the night times, particularly in the north where there will be some frost.

“It’ll be a transient frost, not everywhere and not every day but over these ten days, which takes us into the first week of May.

“There’s a little bit more stuff coming in – it’s mostly going to be rain at this time of year, but the very far north, there is a suggestion of Northern Scotland snow, maybe in the Highlands, the Grampians, this type of stuff.

“It’s not going to be everywhere, but certainly will feel cool in the day, cold in the mornings and in the shade.

“The south, in particular, is not going to see perilous temperatures, but still its below the seasonal average.”

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