Collector of creepy antiques woken by cops demanding to see inside kid’s coffin

A self-confessed horror lover who collects creepy antiques says he is unable to sleep because of the stress from cops turning up at his door and demanding to see inside a baby's coffin.

John Long was mortified when officers showed up to his Killingworth home to follow up reports he had a casket built for a youngster.

The 68-year-old told Chronicle Live he found it “totally embarrassing” that he had to prove to the officers there was nothing dodgy in the box.

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He explained: “I'm a collector of antiques and I'm a huge horror fan so I have lots of different things in my house.

“Some people may say I shouldn't have that kind of thing in my house, but no one usually sees it but me.

"The coffin was in the corner of my bedroom and I had to open it to show them what was inside.

“There was a doll in there and they had a look inside and were quite happy with it so they left.

“The officer was lovely but it was totally embarrassing."

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The grandad-of-three said he was out when the police first called at the door, leaving him “so stressed” with his heart “racing” as he didn’t know what they wanted.

He said: "The whole thing has got me really upset, I couldn't sleep at all last night.

“I just thought what a carry-on, there has been all this trouble for nothing. I've been made to feel like a bad person.

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"It's just caused so much stress and heartache, it's been awful. I didn't know what to do or who to speak to about it. I just feel so offended. I'm still really upset about it, it's got me totally distressed."

A Northumbria Police spokesperson said: "We can confirm we attended an address in Killingworth following a report of a suspicious item that resembled a coffin inside.

"Officers attended and were satisfied there was nothing untoward. We would like to thank those who contacted the police and made the report in good faith."


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