Confused wife stabs husband after pics show him with other woman – but it’s her

A wife flew into a jealous rage and stabbed her husband several times after thinking he cheated on her.

She saw photos of him with another woman, but it turned out to be a photo of her taken years ago, police have said.

Authorities from the municipality of Cajeme, Sonora in Mexico, reported a suspect identified as 'Leonora N' was arrested.

She was apprehended for wounding her husband 'Juan N' with a knife after discovering several photos on his cell phone.

The husband, who managed to take the knife from her, explained that the pictures were of them both back when they were more youthful and slim.

Juan apparently convinced his wife that he had digitized the old photos to store on his phone.

Fortunately, police arrived at the scene after neighbours heard screaming and sounds of a scuffle.

Local media reported the women as being detained by authorities pending charges.

Last month, a jealous former husband allegedly murdered his ex-wife.

Ilna, who reportedly confessed to the murder, flew into a jealous rage after seeing the mum, Ramzia Gimranova, wearing an engagement ring.

The couple divorced in 2019 after reportedly rowing over his gambling debts.

Police say Ramzia's naked body was found by her father on the balcony of her home, and she had been strangled with the cable from a hair dryer.

Ilna faces 15 years in jail if convicted.

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