Construction worker’s shocking racist rant about Christchurch killings

Hunt for racist construction worker filmed during shocking anti-Muslim rant about Christchurch massacres in front of passengers on London train

  • Passengers listened to the man in rush hour on Overground near West Croydon
  • He told of his hatred for Muslims just four days after New Zealand terror attack
  • He said he ‘can’t even get a train without worrying if a Muslim will blow me up’
  • British Transport Police are aware of incident and are appealing for information
  • * Did you witness the incident? Please email: [email protected]
  • e-mail



London commuters were left terrified last night after a racist commuter launched into an anti-Muslim tirade during rush hour, saying: ‘Just kill them’.

Passengers who were on the London Overground service near West Croydon in South London were forced to listen to the man say how he ‘hated Muslims’.

He told other passengers about his hatred just four days after a white supremacist gunned down 50 worshippers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The apparently drunk man is said to have got on the train at some point after West Croydon shortly before 6pm yesterday, before finally getting off at Canada Water. 

He started his rant by addressing fears about taking public transport in the capital.

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He said: ‘I can’t even get a train to work without even worrying if a Muslim is going to blow me up, you can’t even do nothing these days. I’m London, I’m British till I die.’ 

He then went on to swear before saying: ‘Who do they think they are? Just kill them. 49 Muslims got killed the other day and I was like come on mate you have to do that.’ 

Speaking to MailOnline, one passenger who was on the train said: ‘The man got on the Overground midway to Canada Water.

The passenger on board the London Overground who was spouting anti-Muslim rhetoric

‘I thought it was just a joke at first because he was making such a fool of himself. It wasn’t long before I understood the hate he was coming out with.

‘He was just saying things and he clearly didn’t care about what was coming out of his mouth. This is London, for crying out loud. This is 2019, we don’t need this.

‘He was talking about his heritage and his grandparents and I told him there was no excuse for the things he was saying. You can’t wish groups of people dead.

‘You can’t walk around London saying those things. From the things he was saying on the train I think he is the sort of person who is capable of killing a Muslim.

‘When people are drunk you get to understand their true nature. If he had a chance to kill a Muslim and get away with it he would.

‘We don’t need to be spreading hate, we need to stand together. We don’t need this in London it’s just not acceptable. He knew exactly what he was saying.’ 

The passenger as wearing a high visibility vest and was carrying a helmet

On how other passengers reacted, the witness said: ‘There was a black man who got up from his seat and walked away. Passengers were uncomfortable.

‘I’m a lady so didn’t want to get involved but others just didn’t want to get into a fight.

‘He got off at Canada Water and people were just waiting for him to get off so they could just get to their final destination.

‘It’s scary to think with all the uprisings that people are doing this. We all need to be more accepting of each other. It was really quite terrifying.’

British Transport Police said it was aware of a video online showing an ‘incident of racial abuse on the London Overground’, but no one had yet made a complaint. 

A spokesman added: ‘We take all reports very seriously and would ask anyone who witnessed what happened, or who has any information, to contact BTP by texting 61016 or calling 0800 405040 quoting reference 800 of 19/03/19.’

* Did you witness the incident? Please email: [email protected]

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