Cop killer 'caught back behind wheel of Audi without licence, tax or insurance after mowing down police officer'

A COP killer who mowed down PC Jon Odell in a hit-and-run was reportedly caught back behind the wheel of a car without a licence, no car tax and no insurance.

Wayne Rule was allegedly seen getting out of an Audi despite being banned from the road since the killing in 2000.

The career criminal was jailed after killing PC Odell while trying to evade a police speed check.

Rule has never passed his L-test and his Audi A3 – registered with the DVLA as being off the road – is untaxed and uninsured, reported The Mirror.


The shameless killer was reportedly spotted driving three times in the past two days, after he had been alerted he was again showing contempt for the law.

Rule's neighbours greeted the criminal with a “good morning” before he got behind the wheel in Spalding, Lincs.

He is reported to have been spotted 180 miles away from Margate, Kent, where he killed PC Odell.

Rule was on his fourth driving ban when he admitted running down the PC in 2000.

As a result of the horrific ordeal, PC Odell suffered injuries to his head, broken limbs and eventually died from internal bleeding four hours later.

Rule was jailed for nine years and banned from the road for 15 years.

Rule then received an extra 30-month on top of the 15 years.

This was put in place to keep him off the roads until January 2020, however the killer was again imposed for driving while disqualified two years ago.


On that occasion Rule was given a 16-week suspended jail term, a curfew and ordered to undergo drug rehabilitation.

This however didn't stop him from returning behind the wheel, as he was allegedly spotted in a communal car park outside a block of flats.

A witness told The Mirror: "Wayne’s often going here and there in his car. He’s a big fella and it’s a small car so his bulging belly rests on the steering wheel.

"He keeps himself to himself. He’s come up here from Kent for a quieter life.”

The officer’s death triggered nationwide fury, and was tragically echoed in last month's incident when PC Harper, 28, was mowed down and killed in Berkshire.

He had married his sweetheart Lissie Beckett on July 18 at Ardington House in Oxfordshire.

Andrew died a week before he was due to go on holiday.

Andrew is the first police officer to die on duty since Westminster PC Keith Palmer in March 2017.

PC Harper, a rapid response officer with the force’s roads and traffic command, attended a suspected burglary with a colleague in a marked car at 11.30pm on Thursday, August 15.

He fell beneath the vehicle and was dragged a “considerable” distance.

On August 17, police said that Harper died of "multiple injuries".

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