Cops think two murdered women are in landfill but refuse to search the site

Canadian police believe that the bodies of two victims of an alleged serial killer have likely been dumped in a landfill, but have said they've decided not to search the site due to poor conditions and safety hazards.

Morgan Beatrice Harris, 39, and Marcedes Myran, 26 are among two of four indigenous women who police believe were killed by suspect Jeremy Anthony Michael Skibicki, from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In May the 35-year-old was charged with the murder of 24-year-old Rebecca Contois after her partial remains were discovered in a bin near an apartment building.

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The rest of her remains were then discovered in the Brady Road Landfill, south Winnipeg, Global News reports.

According to Winnipeg Police Service, Skibicki is now facing four charges of first-degree murder, including the murder of an unidentified woman who police are referring to as Buffalo Woman.

The police have said that they believe the bodies of Harris and Myran are likely located at the Prairie Green landfill, located on the north side of the city.

But they've decided that a search of the area won't go ahead because an assessment showed there is "no hope for a successful recovery".

Talking about the decision in a press conference on Tuesday, Winnipeg Police Chief Danny Smyth, said: "The things we are talking about today are horrific and we know that they can be triggering, particularly to those impacted by missing and murdered indigenous women, girls and two-spirit."

Forensics unit Inspector Cam MacKid explained that police only became aware that the bodies were likely dumped at the Prairie Green landfill over a month after it's believed to have happened and that conditions at the site since would make it difficult to find or identify remains.

He said that investigators were unable to narrow down where in the four-acre site the bodies could be because the truck they believe was carrying them didn't have GPS installed.

MacKid also said that 10,000 loads of waste had been dumped in the 34 days since the remains were likely taken to the landfill, including 9,000 tonnes of construction clay that had been compacted by heavy vehicles.

1,500 tonnes of animal waste had also been taken to the site since, which MacKid said would make it difficult to identify any remains as human, and decomposing asbestos also located on the site would make the search dangerous for workers.

He said that based on these conditions, police had “made the very difficult decision as a service that this wasn’t operationally feasible to conduct a search of this site.”

In comparison, police explained that search conditions were more favourable when they were looking for the remains of Contois.

This was because authorities were able to narrow down the general area where Contois' remains were likely located and were able to stop trucks from dumping additional waste within five hours of the remains arriving there.

Following the news that police won't search the second landfill, the daughters of Morgan Harris have demanded that the police look for their mother and criticised them for not doing enough to give her a "proper resting place".

"They say that they can't search because it's not feasible. Is human life not feasible?" Cambria Harris said at a news conference in Ottawa on Tuesday, according to CBC.

She added: "Time and time again, our Indigenous women and brothers and sisters have to come here, and we have to shout and we have to raise our voices begging for change and begging for justice for our people, and that is wrong."

Her sister, Kera, questioned why the police haven't asked for help, she said: "If you can't find them, then why haven't you asked for help? Why can't you ask for help nationwide rather than just having a small amount of people conduct the searches?"

“How can you even fathom the idea to leave them there? These women are deserving of a proper resting place, not to be left alone in a landfill in the dead of winter."

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