Corgi puppy howls along to Frank Ocean in the car while girl joins in

Adorable moment Corgi puppy howls along to a Frank Ocean song and its three-year-old owner joins in

  • Odin the dog sang on the day he was picked up by a family in North Dakota
  • Three-year-old Charlie-Jo Saldivar howled along with the puppy in their car
  • Video was filmed by Charlie-Jo’s mother Destiny and husband Devyn uploaded it

Frank Ocean is an award-winning singer and producer whose music is loved by men, woman, boys and girls around the world.

But now the superstar from New Orleans can count dogs as part of his fanbase after a video showed a puppy singing along to a song from his album Blonde.

Adorable footage shows the corgi puppy howl along to the singer’s Self Control while riding in the back of a car with three-year-old Charlie-Jo in North Dakota.

The video shared by Devyn Saldivar on Twitter on July 18 shows Odin the dog howling in unison with Charlie-Jo on the day he was picked up by the family.

Odin the puppy sings along to Frank Ocean on a car ride back from the breeder with his new family in North Dakota while three-year-old Charlie-Jo sings along

Footage shot by Charlie-Jo’s mother, Destiny, was shared on Twitter by Devyn Saldivar on July 18 shows the girl snuggling with her new puppy before he breaks into song

In the video, Frank Ocean sings ‘it’s nothing, it’s nothing’ before the song breaks into a high pitched instrumental.

Charlie-Jo pets Odin before he lifts his head back and lets out a little howl along with the music.

She giggles while her mom Destiny also laughs behind the camera as Deyvn drives in the front seat.

Odin continues to howl along before Jo joins in with him and he sings until the instrumental ends. 

Odin begins to howl during the instrumental section of Frank Ocean’s Self Control to the surprise of his new family

In a video uploaded on the family’s YouTube channel, Destiny said: ‘We learned his favourite song in the car on the way home.’

Deyvn, who works for the US Air Force, married Destiny in March and the couple drove four hours to pick up Odin.

He uploaded the clip to Twitter with the caption: ‘Now I have someone to sing Frank Ocean with me.’

The puppy received plenty of love on social media after a video of his singing was shared on Twitter and the Saldivar family’s blog on YouTube

Social media users commented about how cute they found the video with many saying they wished they could adopt the puppy.

One wrote ‘he’s sooo cute I’m crying’, while another said ‘Odin is the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen’.

Corbin Bentom wrote: ‘I would just start crying in the road, I can tell they are all happy in this video.’ 

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