Couple in their 80s plan ‘fun-filled’ future after scooping £1million Lotto jackpot – The Sun

A COUPLE in their 80s plan a “fun-filled” future with a £1million Lotto win.

Joan Brumhill, married for 61 years to Royal Navy veteran Ron, “burst into tears of joy” after checking her ticket four days before Christmas.

The mum of two said: “I had a bit of a cough so had stayed at home while Ron delivered a card.

“Sitting down for a cup of tea and feeling pretty lousy, I decided to check our ticket.

"When I saw we’d matched five numbers and a bonus ball, I couldn’t believe it.”

Ron, 85, who was a Royal Navy officer for 41 years, said: “Not for a second when your wife says you’ve won something big on the lottery do you dream it is £1million.

“I couldn’t believe it and just burst into tears of joy.”

The pair, from Waterlooville, Hants, said it is “just the most amazing feeling” to be able to help their family.

Joan, 81, said: “They are a wonderful, fun-filled bunch. We were brought up to save, whether for a new car or simply a rainy day. Now there’s no need for rainy days.”

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