Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Ten cases now linked to Auckland brothel Pelican Club

The number of people linked to an Auckland brothel who are infected with Covid-19 is continuing to grow.

Ten cases have now been linked to the Pelican Club after it was named as a location of interest on Sunday.

Public health has identified a further four cases with the help of staff and standard contact tracing methods, a Northern Regional Health Co-ordination Centre (NRHCC) spokesperson told the Herald.

“We can confirm contacts have worked co-operatively with public health.”

On Monday it was confirmed six people linked to the adult entertainment club in Eden Terrace had tested positive for the virus.

All patrons of the Pelican Club were told to self-isolate after it was listed as a location of interest.

Health officials revealed there had been several exposure events at the massage parlour and escort agency on Newton Rd over more than a week in late December.

Anyone who visited the adult entertainment club between Wednesday December 22 and Friday December 31 was advised to isolate for 10 days after their last visit.

The Mermaid Club and Femme Fatale were also named on Sunday as sites linked to positive cases in the last two weeks, with the Pelican Club deemed particularly high risk.

Health officials said the club’s workers were getting specific advice from their manager.

At the time of the exposure events, Auckland was in the red phase of the traffic light system.

In that phase only vaccinated people could do in-person sex work while businesses could only operate if they used the My Vaccine Pass.

The Mermaid Club, at 13 Gore St, was visited by a case between 11.40pm on Wednesday, December 22 and 1am on Thursday, December 23.

Femme Fatale, an escort agency on Wellesley St West, was visited between 3am-5.20am on Thursday, December 23.

Today, popular Auckland bar Longroom was named as a Covid-19 location of interest and those who were there on New Year’s Eve after 10pm are being told to isolate.

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