Crazy history of King Charles crown once ‘stolen and flattened with a mallet’

The coronation of King Charles III has officially been scheduled for May 6 next year, following the announcement from Buckingham Palace yesterday (October 11).

The coronation is to be at Westminster Abbey in London with Camilla also set to be crowned the Queen Consort.

It will be eight months between the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the coronation of King Charles III, a shorter period than the Queen's crowning in 1953.

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During the historic ceremony, Charles will be anointed with holy oil, receive the orb, coronation ring and sceptre, and be crowned with the majestic St Edward's Crown as well as receiving a blessing.

The King will be crowned with the heavily-guarded St Edward's Crown which is the centrepiece of the Crown Jewels and has only left its home in the Tower of London twice since 1953.

In what will prove to be an incredible spectacle in Westminster Abbey, the crown itself has some story behind it.

With the original St Edward's Crown having been melted down in 1649 following Parliament abolishing the monarchy during the English Civil War, the current one was made in 1661 for Charles II after the monarchy was restored.

You'd think that would be enough drama for a crown in one lifetime but apparently not as here enters Colonel Thomas Blood.

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Blood attempted to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London in 1671 alongside a group of rebels.

He briefly had possession of the crown before an alarm was sounded but before that, Blood flattened it with a mallet in order to hide it underneath his coat.

The new monde of the crown was made for the coronation of James II, while its base was changed from a circular shape to an oval for William III.


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