Crowd screams in terror as fairground ride full of young kids collapses

Crowds watched on in horror as a chair swing carousel toppled over during a festival in Italy, injuring scores of unsuspecting visitors.

At least 20 people – many of them young kids – were hurt when the ride collapsed mid-flight at the Madonna delle Grazie (Our Lady of Graces) festival in Palma Campania, near Naples, on Sunday (July 10).

One 12-year-old girl remains in hospital as a result of her injuries, it has been reported.

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Phone footage captured at the scene of the disaster shows the ride in full swing before its base starts to wobble uncontrollably.

The video shows horrified spectators beginning to flee as the the chair swing topples over onto its side, sending its unfortunate passengers flying.

Local police are investigating the accident and investigations into the ill-fated festival are ongoing.

The fairground ride has been seized and investigators currently believe structural failure may have been the cause of the catastrophe.

A Naples woman, who was responsible for the fairground, is also being investigated for causing injury through negligence.

Police have seized papers from her containing details of the fairground's insurance policy as well as the carousel's most recent technical test.

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Palma Campania mayor Nello Donnarumma said the terrible incident happened just hours before the fairground was due to be dismantled.

The news comes just a month after the 50-year anniversary of the Battersea Park funfair disaster, which saw five children killed and 13 more injured in the capital when a rollercoaster came off its tracks in 1972.

A tree was planted in May of this year to mark the anniversary, and plans are currently being drawn up for a more permanent memorial.

Survivor Liz Haigh-Reeve told the BBC: "I'm delighted that this is happening and I'm really glad there's going to be a permanent memorial here as well."


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