Crowd trashes cop car in Brooklyn on Halloween, shouts, ‘trick or treat, motherf—rs!’

Halloween revelers dumped piles of trash on a cop car in Brooklyn, and onlookers shouted, “Trick or treat, motherf—-rs!” — in the latest incident of disrespect to police, new footage reveals.

The stunning video shows nearly a dozen cardboard boxes and other garbage strewn across the top of a police vehicle parked on a street in Brownsville Thursday, according to police and the footage.

Two officers then begin to yank the boxes down as passersby laugh, shoot cellphone footage and mock them on East 95th Street near Clarkson Avenue, according to the video, which was posted on Facebook Thursday.

“This what happens in the hood. Police get trashed!” a man shooting the video can be heard snickering. “Oh man, look at that.”

In the distance, a second onlooker shouts, “Trick or treat, motherf—-rs!”

Police confirmed that the incident happened Thursday, and said they are investigating what happened.

The cop-trashing comes after months of hostility directed at NYPD officers, including incidents in which brazen young men in Harlem and Brownsville drenched police officers with buckets of water.

In another striking case, in August a member of a wild mob in the Bronx tossed a tin of Chinese food at a plainclothes cop while officers tried to make an arrest in August.

The man who posted the video of the trashed cop car, who goes by Corey Sykes on Facebook, didn’t return a request for comment Friday.

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