Dad calls police after schoolgirls put in isolation over length of their skirts

A fuming father called the police after girls were put into isolation at their school over the length of their skirts and told they could not leave.

South Wigston High School in Leicester has come under fire from parents who say they are furious at the treatment of their daughters this week.

One mother, who did not want to be identified, said that her husband even called the police after their 14-year-old daughter rang up "crying" on Monday to say she was being kept in a room with other girls whose skirts didn't comply with the new rules – and were not being allowed to leave.

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"Staff were blocking the door and weren't allowing the children to leave," she said.

"My husband was so angry he actually called the police.

"They wouldn't do anything but that's how mad he was.

"He told my daughter he was coming to pick her up.

"But when he arrived he was told she couldn't leave.

"It wasn't for another two hours before he could take her home."

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She added: "My younger daughter, who is 12, was also affected. She was told her skirt was too short later in the morning. She has autism and suffers with anxiety.

"She didn't quite understand what was going on to be honest."

Another parent, Emma Harvey, said she received a call from her "extremely upset" 14-year-old daughter, in Year 10.

"In my daughter's case, her skirt was just slightly above her knee," she said.

"She was told to either put on a skirt provided by the school for the day or be taken out of class and put in isolation."

Ms Harvey said that her daughter accepted the skirt but it didn't fit her.

She added: "Basically, instead of a perfectly respectable skirt, they wanted her to wear one that was likely to fall down.

"It beggars belief.

"But the crazy thing is, even then, the new skirt was about the same length as hers was."

Ms Harvey, who is a children and young persons psychotherapist, said the new policy and its clumsy enforcement sends out entirely the wrong message to girls – and to boys.

"My daughter and other young girls being penalised and removed from accessing their education due to the length of their skirts is unacceptable," she said.

"It's suggesting that girls are only entitled to education if they cover up.

"Yet boys can wear shorts at any length."

She added: "My daughter is a good student.

"The skirt she was wearing is the same one she wore last year as she hasn't changed in height or weight."

In response to the criticism, Principal Stuart Kay told LeicestershireLive: "South Wigston High School has been dealing with some inconsistencies in the standard of school uniform.

"A small number of students were upset by the enforcement of our uniform policy on Monday.

"It is never our intention to create a situation where children are upset and therefore we have contacted all parents to inform them that we will undertake a review of our uniform policy in consultation with our school community."


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