‘Dangerous wind gusts’ as strong as 150 km/h expected in southern Alberta on Thursday

Environment Canada is warning people in southern Alberta to prepare for “dangerous wind gusts” packing a punch of up to 150 kilometres per hour on Thursday.

A wind warning was issued on Wednesday that stretches from various areas as far north as Nordegg and all the way to the southern tip of the province.

“The southwestern Foothills will see the strongest winds, with gusts between 120 and 150 km/h expected by Thursday morning,” Environment Canada said on its website. “Farther north, in Kananaskis Country and up to Nordegg, gusts (of up) to 90 km/h are likely.

“Finally, in areas from Lethbridge to the Cypress Hills, wind gusts (of up) to 100 km/h are likely.”

Watch below: (From Dec. 13, 2018) Strong winds wreaked havoc on the highways in southern Alberta on Thursday leaving many vehicles in the ditch or flipped over. Blake Lough reports.

The weather agency said the winds were expected to die down by Friday morning. However, during the period of time the powerful gusts are anticipated, officials warned to take the risk seriously.

“Buildings under construction risk extreme damage,” Environment Canada said. “High winds may cause downed trees or toss loose objects. Store or anchor objects so they are not tossed by the wind causing injury or damage.

“Drivers may lose control of their vehicles; tall vehicles are at high risk of being overturned.”

Powerful wind gusts also battered parts of Alberta on Sunday. The top confirmed wind speed that day was 181 km/h, reported north of Lundbreck.

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