Danish politician is told her baby ‘not welcome’ in parliament chamber

Danish politician is told her baby daughter is ‘not welcome’ in parliament’s main chamber

  • Pia Kjaersgaard allegedly said Mette Abildgaard’s daughter was ‘not welcome’
  • Politician handed her five-month-old baby to an assistant and went back to vote
  • Denmark is known as a pioneer country for women’s rights and gender equality 
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A Danish politician claimed she was told her baby daughter was ‘not welcome’ in the parliament’s main chamber.

Far-right speaker Pia Kjaersgaard allegedly ordered Conservative politician Mette Abildgaard to remove her five-month-old baby from the room.

The mother, who is in her 30s, said she had never brought her daughter to work before, but she had to so that day because her father could not take care of her.

Danish Conservative politician Abildgaard pictured with her husband and their daughter 

Abildgaard handed the baby to an assistant, pictured with Esther Marie, in Parliament

Abildgaard wrote on Facebook that she did not ask for permission to bring her daughter Esther Marie to work as she had seen another colleague bring her baby in the chamber before.

‘I am not aware that there are written rules about it,’ she added. 

The politician said the toddler was in a good mood and she had asked her secretary to go and pick the baby up if she made any noise during the meeting.

Mrs Abildgaard also added she is entitled to a year’s maternity leave with full salary from the Parliament.

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Far-right speaker Pia Kjaersgaard said that only MPs should be allowed in the chamber

Conservative MP Mette Abildgaard was ordered to remove her five-month-old daughter from the Danish parliament’s main chamber

She said she did not want to take advantage of it, as she prefers to ‘go back and serve democracy’.

However, she added mothers of young children need more flexibility.

Ms Kjaersgaard allegedly passed the message to an assistant, who asked Mrs Abildgaard to remove the baby from the chamber.

Abildgaard kisses her five-month-old baby Esther Marie, who Pia Kjaersgaard said was ‘not welcome’ in the parliament’s chamber

The politician handed the child to an assistant and then she went back to the chamber to vote.

‘MPs should be in the chamber, not babies or children,’ Ms Kjaersgaard told reporters.

Denmark is known as a pioneer country for women’s rights and equality, as well as a nation with generous parental leave.

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