Daughter of Putin’s defence boss forced by ruler to split from anti-war husband

The daughter of Russian defence minister has been “forced” to split from her anti-war partner “after pressure from Vladimir Putin”.

Ksenia, 32, is the daughter of Vladimir Putin’s defence minister Sergei Shoigu, and seemed happily married to influencer Alexey Stolyarov, 33, one of Russia’s most famous fitness instructors.

Ksenia, a financial expert and charity worker, and Stolyarov shocked the country when they publicly announced their divorce during a TV interview this week.

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Rumours immediately began to swirl, with social media speculation stating the fitness guru didn't support his father-in-law's illegal invasion of Ukraine.

“Everyone around the Kremlin knew that Shoigu's opponents several times brought examples of Stolyarov's [online posts] into Putin's office,” said one account.

Putin had “twice asked” Shoigu to “shut his son-in-law up”, according to Telegram channel Narrarivy.

“The last conversation with Ksenia about a divorce was recently…. she agreed to publicly disown Stolyarov.”

He was accused of being “unpatriotic”.

The decision might come as a shock, especially since recently the pair had been seen frolicking on a beach and visiting Dubai during the war.

However, Ksenia stood next to Stolyarov as she told an interviewer: “We have not been a couple for quite a long time.

“But at the same time we are partners and very close friends.”

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‌He said: “We did not make this decision right now, it was already taken a few months ago…

“For us, the most important thing was that Milana (young daughter) did not feel that we were no longer together.”

Ksenia announced: “We are going to see her right now.”

He said they would continue to work together on “a lot of sports projects. We remain on the same team”.

In February Prigozhin demanded that Stolyarov – who avoided the draft – should be trained for war.

“It is necessary to catch Stolyarov and bring him to me,” said Progozhin.

“I will train him for six weeks….I will help him improve by sending him to combat operations….”

Voicing his loathing for Stolyarov, he even suggested that the defence minister’s son-in-law could be raped by his brutal Wagner forces.

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