Deadly snake found hiding in tiny gap in Australian family’s sliding door – can you spot it?

THIS is the moment one of Australia's most lethal snakes was pulled out from its unusual hiding place in a family's home.

A wild video shows the three-foot long red-bellied back snake barely in view as it lurked under the railing of a sliding door.

Stuart McKenzie, from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, was called to the family's home in Wurtulla on Wednesday when their pet cat discovered the deadly creature.

Speaking on the video before retrieving the skinny snake, he said: "You can see him just in there hiding underneath.

"Just shows how incredible they are at fitting into small spaces."

The footage then shows Mr McKenzie attempt to force the snake out of its hiding place using a hook.

When the snake eventually reared its head, the catcher was able to use his tool and hand to pull it out.

Unimpressed at being disturbed, the snake began to thrash about and curl itself around the hook.

"They're generally active during the day," Mr McKenzie said to the homeowners.

"So he was probably going to stay in there all night and just sleep it off."

Red-bellied black snakes are said to be Australia’s tenth most lethal snake and a single bite can be fatal.

They have venom deadly enough to kill humans, but are on the lower end of the spectrum and deaths are rare.

The reptiles are native to eastern Australia and are common in forests and swamps as well as more urban areas.

Red-bellied black snakes usually grows up to two metres long.

As its name suggests its upper half is black but its lower sides are either red, crimson or pink with its snout usually a light brown colour.

The species is considered not to be generally aggressive but will strike if threatened.

Its main diet is frogs and reptiles and small mammals as well as fish.

In 2018, an Aussie dad was horrified when he found a red-bellied snake hiding in his baby daughter’s cot.

The dad from Queensland made the disturbing discovery and found the creature curled up at the bottom of the cot, underneath a pile of teddy bears and dolls.

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