Denver KKK map: See where 1920s Ku Klux Klan members lived, search the database

Staff at History Colorado spent more than 300 hours logging by hand each address listed in the two Ku Klux Klan ledgers in the organization’s collection that document the membership of the Denver KKK chapter from 1924 through 1926. The ledgers contain approximately 30,000 entries.

The mapping project followed the digitization of the ledgers’ contents and their publication online this spring, making the information easily accessible to the public for the first time. There isn’t a similar map of KKK members’ addresses in a large city anywhere else in the United States, said Shaun Boyd, curator of archives at History Colorado.

The addresses are plotted below on a map of modern Denver. History Colorado warns that addresses on the ledger may not match directly with addresses today as streets and buildings have moved in the last 100 years. The ledgers represent members of the Denver chapter of the KKK, though some entries list residential addresses outside of the city. It’s unclear why those men are in the Denver ledgers, especially since many smaller communities outside of Denver had their own chapters. — Elise Schmelzer

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