Dilapidated £6.5m mansion of lottery winner remains on market three years later

A lottery winner's £6.5 mansion has fallen into disrepair after failing to be sold despite three years on the market.

Adrian Bayford, 49, winner of the EuroMillions in 2012, decided to sell the house in the aftermath of his separations from ex-wife and two former girlfriends.

Despite reports of renovations costing up to £2m , Mr Bayford was willing to make a £1m loss on the sale of the house in order to get rid of the property which reminds him of his 'bad luck' in relationships.

However, three years down the line the mansion has started to show signs of dilapidation and since moving out the house 18 months ago, aerial photos show the stables looking run down and weeds in the stable yard.

Since purchasing the mansion in 2012, Mr Bayford is reported to have installed a swimming pool and a leisure centre as well as living quarters for staff.

But following a move to Scotland to be closer to his ex-wife and their children, Bayford has had to employ more security after discovering squatters had taken residence in the gym and swimming pool area.

The Grade II Listed Georgian house has seven bedrooms, an extensive cellar and a sizable estate that Bayford once used as land for farming.

There are also with six further cottages, equestrian facilities and a barn with office space.

Bayford did have an offer for the mansion last year but it hasn’t worked out and it is now back on the market.

The house, originally built for racehorse trainer Stanlake Batson in 1815, was purchased at for £6.5m by Adrian Bayford and his then-wife Gillian Bayford.

The two were together for a year after the purchase of the house, having scooped £148 in the EuroMillions in 2012.

Gillian Bayford has just welcomed a third child into her life after giving birth at the age of 48.

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