Doctors left baffled as man swallows live fish and it gets stuck in his windpipe

An Egyptian doctor was tasked of removing a live fish which had become stuck in a fisherman's throat after it swam in there.

The unnamed man, who was rushed to the Beni Suef Specialist Hospital, was suffering with critical breathing difficulties following the incident.

The unlucky fisherman had been swimming under the water with a pal when he caught a fish.

Before he had a chance to net it he spotted another one and stuck the first fish in his mouth to hold it, so he could catch the second one.

But, the fish in his mouth suddenly swam forward and blocked the man's windpipe.

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He was taken to hospital with the live fish still inside.

The operation to remove the animal took place after medics carried out checks to see what was blocking his windpipe.

They were stunned to find out it was a fish and that it was still alive, according to Doctor Michael Ibrahim.

He said the fish was blocking the top of the patient's trachea and that he started to recover as soon as it was removed.

The fisherman remained under observation in intensive care while recovering from the incident.

It's unclear how he had been fishing under the water to catch the fish, with some locals using spears and others nets.

Doctors said he will be discharged soon if his recovery continues.

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