Dog rips woman’s nose off after becoming startled by her teeth whitening kit

A dog chewed off a woman's nose after becoming stunned by her teeth-whitening kit.

Bonding with her boyfriend's pooch proved an agonising experience for one self-professed cat person, whose nose was ripped off by the rescue dog.

The five stone pooch had torn into the nose of Olivia Quast, 30, who admitted she never liked dogs but had been won over by rescue canine Bentley.

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Bentley, a cross breed of a pitbull and bulldog, appears to have been triggered by the UV light radiating from a teeth-whitening mould the 30-year-old had received.

The horrific incident happened in Connecticut, United States last month as Olivia attempted to feed Graeme Stasyshyn, 44, pet.

Olivia was rushed to hospital with a "mangled arm" and a nose that "wasn't there" after the dog sank his teeth into her face.

Bending down to feed the pooch, Olivia said she had "no idea" Bentley would attack her, leading to a flurry of kicks aimed at the animal.

The 30-year-old now believes that the UV light from her newly whitened teeth set the dog off on his barbaric attack as it "triggered something in his brain."

She said: "He lunged, and he got my nose first, I was in shock and disbelief. I put my hand on my nose and he lunged at my arm twice more.

"I just stared at him. It never dawned on me that he was going to keep attacking me, because why would he? I put my hand on my nose and he lunged at my arm twice more.

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"I thought, 'I'm not going to play tug of war with a creature whose favourite game is tug of war – with my arm'. So I just let him bite me.

"I was actively going into shock. I was shaky, I was cold [and] I called my Mum. I was in pure agony. [I was saying] 'help me Mum, help me, he took my nose. My fingers are going numb, I can't feel my fingers, I'm getting cold'. It was terrifying."

Letting out an "earthy, guttural yell" when she saw the state the dog had left her in, Olivia was left bloodied by the attack.

The brutal mauling landed Olivia in hospital, where plastic surgeons said the tip of her nose, as well as her septum and cartilage, had been torn off.

Two plates, eight screws and two pins in her arm later and Olivia is on the mend, with hospital staff telling her it will take up to a year for her nerve damage to heal.

She said: "I'm a cat person, this is the only dog I've ever loved. I didn't like dogs before, and then I started dating someone who is a dog person, and had one, and this dog changed my life. I now like dogs."

Olivia, who suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare tissue disorder, has since launched a fundraiser to cover her stay in hospital and subsequent recovery following the agonising attack.

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