Donald Trump ‘hopes’ Meghan Markle runs for US president in 2024

Donald Trump wants to run against Meghan Markle to become the next US president.

The billionaire and former US commander-in-chief told US network Fox News last night the chance to face the Duchess of Sussex in a battle for the White House could tempt him to run for office again.

Republican Trump, who lost his presidency to Joe Biden last year, said he would seriously consider competing against the former Suits actress in the 2024 elections if she decided to represent the Democrats.

When asked about the prospect of Meghan running following a meeting with Democrats, Trump replied: "'Well I hope that happens because if that happened I think I'd have an even stronger feeling toward running."

He added that he had not yet decided whether, but claimed he was still a popular figure among US voters.

"Based on every poll, they want me to run again," he said. "But we're going to take a look and we'll see."

The businessmen also slammed Meghan for publicly criticising the royals after her and husband Prince Harry's explosive TV interview with chat show legend Oprah Winfrey premiered just over a week ago.

"I'm not a fan of hers," he said. "I think that what she talks about the Royal family and the Queen, and I happen to think, I know the Queen as you know, I met with the Queen and I think the Queen is a tremendous person and I am not a fan of Meghan."

Jason Miller, a former senior advisor to Trump, said the ex-president had previously shied away from criticising the couple's interview in fear of getting "cancelled" following Piers Morgan's shock exit from Good Morning Britain.

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Miller, who worked as Trump's chief spokesman during his 2016 campaign and as his senior adviser in the 2020 campaign, said he advised Trump to "make a little news" by commenting on the two-hour TV special, but the suggestion was rejected.

He said: "When I was talking to the president this morning… he's like: 'Yeah, [Meghan's] no good. I said that and now everybody's seeing it.

"But you realise if you say anything negative about Meghan Markle you get cancelled. Look at Piers [Morgan].'"

Morgan stormed out of Good Morning Britain after coming under fire for making disparaging comments about the interview.

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The host and former newspaper editor declared he "didn't believe a word" of Meghan's accusations of racism within the Royal Family and revealing how she felt suicidal when pregnant with son Archie.

Miller said Trump was concerned about "woke culture" after Morgan sensationally quit ITV's flagship breakfast show days after the Oprah show aired.

"I'm on Team Piers," Trump is alleged to have said. "Piers is the best, he's the greatest, and they went and tried to cancel him simply because he criticised Meghan Markle. This is just the latest chapter of woke culture."

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