Donald Trump's coronavirus lockdown revealed

Donald Trump’s lockdown revealed: President hate-watches CNN, turns up in the Oval Office at noon, skips coronavirus briefings to watch more TV – and looks forward to sparring with reporters at his briefings before dining on french fries

  • Trump has soured on his lockdown according to New York Times report
  • He is often up by 5 am watching cable TV
  • Frequently enters the West Wing at noon
  • Daily combative press briefings are a highlight
  • Social distancing has kept him away from campaign rallies, golf, and interactions that bolster him 
  • Trump has spoken about holding campaign rallies again at some point and RNC is planning to hold its convention this summer 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

President Donald Trump is chafing during his near confinement at the White House, where he is kept away from campaign rallies, golf, and other activities that bolster his mood.

A report in the New York Times describes Trump’s daily routine during the coronavirus outbreak. It involves a strong measure of cable television, isolation from some of the friends and club members he likes to communicate with – and a surprising highlight.

The daily press briefings where Trump regularly clashes with reporters have become a favorite part of the day for him, and allow him to substitute for his campaign rally interactions during prime time. 

President Donald Trump has filled his day with cable TV and confrontational press briefings amid his near confinement to the White House

‘He’s frustrated,’ advisor Stephen Moore, who Trump had wanted to install on the Federal Reserve board of governors, told the paper. ‘It’s like being hit with a meteor.’ 

The president is up as early as 5 am. – although he recently dialed his new chief of staff, Mark Meadows, at 3:19 am.

He sometimes isn’t in the Oval Office until noon.  His public schedules rarely have events before afternoon. Friday’s schedule has Trump’s first event, a major bill signing, at noon. 

His morning TV habits include CNN, a network he regularly attacks as ‘fake news,’ and MSNBC, which Trump has taken to calling MSDNC in an accusation of bias. 

The president has also been watching Fox, although he has again been hitting the network for some of its coverage and polling, even while picking up ideas floated by its bevy of conservative commentators.

Trump starts his day early, and his  morning TV habits include CNN, a network he regularly attacks as ‘fake news,’ and MSNBC

President Donald Trump speaks in front of the U.S. Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, Va., Saturday, March 28, 2020, one of a few trips outside of the White House in recent weeks

President Donald Trump speaks during an event to celebrate Americas Truckers at the White House on April 16, 2020, in Washington, DC. – (Shown from L-R) Big G Express truck driver Stephen Richardson, DHL truck driver Dylan Madigan, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, UPS truck driver Charlton Paul, and Fedex truck driver Tina Peterson

SHOWTIME: President Donald Trump speaks to reporters following a meeting of the coronavirus task force in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House on April 7, 2020 in Washington, DC. The confrontations are a highlight of Trump’s day, and push his message into prime time while his campaign rallies are off

Trump has also been tuning in to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s daily briefings – and his tweet in the midst of one this week brought an angry response from the governor. 

He is better situated than most Americans. The White House has a separate residence, an office, outdoor areas, a bowling alley, and its own kitchen staff. Trump still interacts with other officials at work, and gets tested weekly for the coronavirus. 

Trump has indicated he is eager to get out of the building. In a sign of possible frustration, he said days ago that he hasn’t left the White House ‘in months.’

A reporter had to remind him he held a campaign rally in Charlotte in March.

One of Trump’s only day trip in weeks has been to attend the launching of the hospital ship USNS Comfort from Norfolk en route to New York. 

‘I don’t know. Did I hold a rally? I’m sorry. I hold a rally. Did I hold a rally? Let me tell you, in January, when I did this, we had virtually no cases and no deaths,’ Trump said. 

He also visited CDC headquarters March 6, then spent the weekend in Mar-a-Lago, and visited FEMA headquarters March 19. 

His daily briefing is usually on the public schedule for 5 pm, although Trump regularly tweets out later start times. It often blows through the dinner hour. When the briefing is over, Trump watches television with aides to get their take. There is often comfort food available, including French fries and Diet Coke, according to the Times. 

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