Dramatic moment blood-stained yoga teacher is arrested after stabbing killer ex-cop to death as son 'robbed of closure' | The Sun

THIS is the dramatic moment a blood-stained yoga teacher was arrested for stabbing her killer ex-cop lodger to death.

Dawn Lewis, 53, murdered Glenn Richards, 61, to death at her cottage in Glastonbury, Somerset, on April 18.

The yoga teacher then called 999, telling them: "I stabbed him".

Chilling footage showed Lewis with blood all over her arms after police arrived at her home.

She can be heard screaming to officers as they restrain her on the floor while Glenn bleeds to death outside.

Lewis has now been jailed for life with a minimum of 20 years after being convicted of murder.

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Former police officer Glenn had moved in with Lewis in 2011 after he left prison for killing his ex-wife Karen.

His son Jamie Richards told today how his dad's killing brought back horrific memories of his mother's death when he was aged 11.

He added: "Since Glenn's death I have been taken back 21 years to that scared 11 year old boy unaware of what the future will hold.

"I listened to the details of what Glenn did to my mum and found myself back there in the kitchen, making apple crumble when Glenn burst through the door with a knife screaming 'where is your mother?'

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"It brought back everything, a new wave of emotion that left me feeling confused and emotionally exhausted.

"I felt in moments Glenn deserved what happened, but I have my mum's heart and no-one, not even Glenn should have their life taken from them.

"Because of Dawn Lewis, I have had to start another grief process because of the murder of another parent all over again."

Jamie also revealed he was due to meet his dad before he was murdered and believed his killing was a "sick joke".

He said he at first assumed Glenn had "tried to kill someone" before discovering his dad had "changed to some degree".

Jamie added: "I will always hate him for taking my mum away from him. He also took himself away from my life.

"I feel like I needed Glenn to live out his days alone having heard the harsh realities of what he did to me growing up.

"I will never know what would have come from our meeting. Because of Dawn Lewis I will never know."


Lewis and Glenn had become friends 12 years before he moved in but they began arguing in the months leading to his death.

On April 18, she called 999 saying: "Right, I don't know really what happened. He's a lodger, I wanted to get him out. He said no.

"I went to the door, he stabbed me in the leg, I took the knife off him, I stabbed him.

"He fell down the stairs – I stabbed him again, as he was trying to take the knife off me and I called you."

Earlier that day, the yoga teacher had video-called a friend and showed off an eight-inch knife.

She told him: "Should I just go up to his bedroom and stab him and then stab myself a little bit and tell them he did this?"

Glenn died at the scene after suffering five deep stab wounds, while Lewis was treated for three light cuts.

One doctor said her injuries "did not appear to fit the description of the attack" and appeared "self-inflicted", the court heard.

Detective Inspector Neil Meade, the senior investigating officer, said: “Dawn Lewis claimed she feared Glenn Richards and was worried what he’d to do her as his mental health was deteriorating.

“After deciding she no longer wanted him to lodge with her, she concocted a plan she thought would allow her to get away with his murder.

“She perhaps thought the witness who she revealed her plan to wouldn’t tell us of their conversation out of loyalty, but this belief was misguided.

“The witnesses’ evidence, along with that of the doctor who treated Lewis at hospital, and the picture the text messages between her and Mr Richards painted of their relationship, was compelling.

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“The jury had no choice in my mind but to reject Lewis’ lies and find her guilty of murder.”

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