Dramatic moment football fans catch cat dangling from upper stadium stand

Miami: Football fans catch falling cat in Hard Rock Stadium

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A stray cat survived a massive fall thanks to quick-thinking American football fans at a University of Miami game on Saturday night. In a tense video, the black and white cat can be seen dangling from the upper deck, desperately clinging onto a single piece of thread.

The cat twists and turns in an attempt to hoist itself back up to safety. But, after about three minutes, the cat is unable to hold on any longer and plummets to the ground as the crowd gasp in horror.

Thankfully, Craig Comer and his wife Kimberly take a large American flag to every game and were able to position themselves and stretch the flag out to create a makeshift rescue tarp for the petrified cat.

The flag broke the cat’s fall and members of the crowd victoriously held it up as the stadium erupted to cheers.

The Hard Rock Stadium later confirmed the cat was unharmed.

Ms Cromer told the Miami Herald the rescue was “probably the strangest thing that has happened”, and her husband joked it was his “first catch”.

The unbelievable video has gone viral on social media. One Twitter user said: “Everything about this video is incredible. A stray cat is hanging for dear life, so some Miami fans get underneath with an American flag and the crowd reaction when they safely catch this cat is the stuff of legends.”

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Another quipped: “This is the most drama I have seen since the last series of Line of Duty.”

A third added: “Oh…my… lawd! Not something you see everyday! A cat falls from the upper deck in Miami — and fans save it with an American flag!”

The Miami Hurricanes won 25-23 against the Appalachian State Mountaineers.

After the game, Miami coach Manny Diaz was asked about the cat. Frustrated with his team’s performance he said: “I don’t know anything about that or what was going on. But if the cat can help our red-zone offense, I’ll see if we can get it a scholarship!”

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