Driver oblivious to dead body stuck to roof of car after she mowed him down

An driver who slammed into a motorist didn't realise that his dead body was stuck to the top of her car as she drove on.

The pensioner, 67, had crashed into the 26-year-old motorist while turning down a street and didn't even notice she had struck, killed and carried the bloke for over a mile.

She was eventually stopped by members of the public, with the driver pulling over after being told she was carrying the deceased man after crashing into him at an intersection.

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The incident, which occurred in the Malaysian state of Kuala Selangor, is said to have left the pensioner in shock.

She failed to stop at an intersection which caused the biker to crash into the side of her Proton sedan, after which the unnamed woman continued driving.

Kuala Selangor police chief Ramli Kasa said: "The crash led the motorcyclist to be thrown onto the roof of the car and he died on the spot."

The victim has since been taken to hospital for an autopsy while the 67-year-old required medical assistance at the scene following minor injuries to her lower back.

It was said also that the pensioner was in shock and suffered from high blood pressure, kidney problems and diabetes.

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Police were reported as saying the victim was on his way to a sightseeing trip in Pulau Indah before being killed in the collision, with his family saying he was travelling with friends at the time.

Images from the scene showed the bloke strung up on the roof of the car where his body was stuck for over a mile as the pensioner drove on.

The moment the woman was pulled over and told what had happened was captured in a horrifying image, where witnesses had to reveal she was carrying the body along on the top of her car.

Investigations into the death of the biker are currently ongoing.


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