Driver pulls over on the M1 to urinate against the central reservation

Moment motorist suddenly stops in the fast lane of the M1 to go to the TOILET against central reservation forcing drivers behind to slam on their brakes to avoid crash

  • The motorist pulled over on lane three of the M1 to urinate against a barrier 
  • A following motorist was forced to brake heavily in order to avoid a collision 
  • Road safety experts have blasted the man for is ‘stupid and dangerous’ actions
  • Police have confirmed they are trying to identify the man to bring him to court 

This is the shocking moment a motorist pulled over on the fast lane of the M1 to urinate against the central reservation almost causing a catastrophic collision. 

The motorist following behind the unidentified man was forced to brake sharply as his car was brought to a complete halt. 

The second driver started hooting the man who astonishingly got out of his car and stood beside the central reservation before unzipping his fly. 

This is the shocking moment a man pulls to a halt on the M1 motorway forcing the car behind to brake heavily to avoid a collision 

The man gets out of his car which is parked on the  fast lane of the motorway

Astonishingly, the man unzipped his fly and urinated on the central reservation 

The second of roadway was currently being modified to become a smart motorway, losing its hard shoulder area. 

Motorists are only allowed to stop on a motorway in the case of an emergency and are advised to pull over to the nearside lane if at all possible. 

Jack Cousens, head of roads policy for the AA, said: ‘There is simply no excuse for this. It is completely and utterly dangerous and could have ended far worse.

‘Hopefully the driver can be tracked down and punished for his stupidity.’   

According to Section 270 and 271 of The Highway Code: ‘You MUST NOT stop on the carriageway, hard shoulder, slip road, central reservation or verge except in an emergency, or when told to do so by the police, HA traffic officers in uniform, an emergency sign or by flashing red light signals. Do not stop on the hard shoulder to either make or receive mobile phone calls.

‘You MUST NOT pick up or set down anyone, or walk on a motorway, except in an emergency.’ 

The man angrily reacted when the guy behind him hooted his horn 

Motorists who pull over without an appropriate reason on the motorway face prosecution under a range of regulations, including dangerous driving, which can result in two years’ imprisonment and an unlimited fine. 

In less serious cases they could face a careless driving conviction, which could lead to an unlimited fine, a discretionary disqualification and between three and nine points on their licence.

Several police forces along the length of the M1 are trying to identify the location of the incident to see if they can track down the driver with a view to prosecution. 

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