DUP says large number of MPs would reject PM May's proposed Brexit border deal

BELFAST (Reuters) – The Northern Irish party which props up Prime Minister Theresa May’s government said on Friday that it would not support her proposed deal with the EU on the Irish border in its current form and that many other members of parliament would likely reject it.

“If an agreement of this nature were to come to the House of Commons we wouldn’t be supporting it but I suspect a large number of her back benchers wouldn’t be supporting it either,” Democratic Unionist Party member of parliament Sammy Wilson told BBC Radio Ulster following the leaking of a letter that suggested Northern Ireland would be subject to different regulations from the rest of the United Kingdom after Brexit.

“We want to stick to the confidence and supply arrangement [with May’s government] but you know there are two sides to that and the government has obligations under the confidence and supply arrangement as have we,” Wilson said.

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