Eagle-eyed users catch UK council following model posting steamy lingerie snaps

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A UK council have been caught red-handed after following a raunchy fire-breathing model who posts steamy content on Instagram.

Lincolnshire County Council shocked web users who noticed that the council followed the account of the racy cheerleader and aerialist.

The authority has since unfollowed the kinky account after they were alerted to the "inappropriate content".

The woman, who also describes herself as a contortionist, singer and dancer, regularly posts sexy images in her underwear.

Since the council was quizzed on why it follows the account alongside local businesses and charities its communications team has stopped following them.

Karen Spencer, head of communications and engagement at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “The county council does not purposefully follow accounts deemed inappropriate.

"We do choose to follow other local authorities, organisations, charities, groups or residents and occasionally, especially through the latter, these accounts change their usage which can lead to us seeming to follow 'strange' accounts for a council, such as in this case.

"We have unfollowed this account and as with other social media platforms, will continue to review who we follow regularly to avoid this happening.”

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The council was unable to confirm what they believe the user's account – which has been active since 2019 and has more than 15,000 followers – was previously used for.

One web user put: "Not entirely appropriate for a council to be following this, what have they been getting up to in the office on the late shifts?"

While another person joked: "Makes a change to tractors."

A third user commented: "I bet they bent over backwards to follow them."

While another wrote: "Oh dear, somebody will be getting a good telling off in the morning. lol."

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