Elle Brooke shows brutal boxing toll after getting ‘f***ed up’ in sparring

Undefeated boxer Elle Brooke has showcased the brutal toll of sparring before and after her boxing bouts, with some "f***ed up" damage dealt.

The OnlyFans star took to her Instagram story to showcase the wounds of training, with a series of snaps showcasing just how tough the sparring had been on the Man City fan.

Her "f***ed up" sparring snaps come just two weeks on from her second in-ring victory, with a first round TKO win against influencer Faith Ordway.

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Friends and fans have since praised her "dedicated" commitment to boxing, but Elle has revealed a handful of nasty bruises and black eyes gathered from her sparring sessions.

Taking to her Instagram story, Elle shared a video of her bruised eyes and bloody nose, writing: "Just thinking about all times I've been f***ed p in sparring and how much I've improved."

Her story also featured the Pitbull track Time of Our Lives as it zoomed in on the purple bruises and damage done to her face and nose.

It appears to have all been worth it though as Elle marked her second in-ring bout with a convincing win over fellow influencer Ordway on January 14.

Sharing a post to her Instagram story a day later, Elle's pal Ebanie Bridges said she was "proud asf" of her boxing buddy.

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Bridges wrote: "Congrats to my little twinny on your 1st round TKO win. I've seen you work your a** off day in and day out in the gym since you first put on gloves 7months ago."

Elle responded: "I love you!! Thank you for being there for me, wouldn't have been able to do it without you."

Even Ordway weighed in on Elle's her win against her, taking to Instagram and congratulating the OnlyFans stunner for her victory.

It appears that even through some sparring woes and tough matches, Elle is keen to head back into the ring once again.

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Daily Star had previously reported that the two-time champion is gearing up for a third bout sometime in May, with the adult film star asking her fans who she should fight next.

Plenty of suggestions were levelled at the OnlyFans star, but the chances of long-time rival Astrid Wett heading into the ring with her were shown to be next to none.

Elle said: "Astrid will not be my next fight."

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