Elon Musk jokes ‘he can’t do miracles’ as fans beg him to buy McDonald’s

Takeover-crazy Elon Musk has responded to his fans after they begged him to buy McDonald's to fix all of the ice cream machines.

The billionaire tech guru took to his account to give his reply to the request on Thursday (April 29) just days after Twitter accepted his offer to buy the social media platform for $43billion (£34billion).

Clearly hoping that he would continue his big brand shopping spree, one user had since mocked up a fake tweet showing Elon Musk saying that he would now be making an offer for the fast food giant in order to mend the notoriously unreliable McFlurry machines.

Sharing the photo himself, Musk — who is the world's richest man — gave a short and sweet retort, writing simply: "Listen, I can’t do miracles ok".

The quip went down a storm on the social media site, with the official McDonald's Germany account commenting back: "My bad, but I thought you were the guy going to Mars."

Another joked that he would find it an even more difficult task than his famous SpaceX missions, writing: "Fixing a McDonald's Ice-cream machine is harder than landing rockets".

Someone else gave him yet another suggestion and penned: "OK, but can you buy Lucasfilm and fix Star Wars?"

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Earlier the same day, Musk joked that he wanted to buy Coca-Cola to 'put the cocaine' back in the iconic fizzy drink.

In 1885, when Coca-Cola was originally devised, cocaine was a fairly common ingredient in over-the-counter medicines.

The Coca-Cola corporation is conservatively valued at a whopping $284bn (£226bn), with Musk’s current net worth believed to be in the region of $253bn (£201bn).

McDonald's, meanwhile, has a value of about $175.5billion (£133billion).

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