Emily Maitlis realised she had chocolate on her teeth moments before Prince Andrew interview – The Sun

EMILY Maitlis has called her interview with Prince Andrew “the most extraordinary encounter of my professional life”.

She revealed he bizarrely tried to take charge of the crew as they were setting up.

The Newsnight host said he was “pained” to see a mic wire protruding from her jacket.

She told the Times he was “directing the mic placement until the cameraman and the sound engineer are following his orders.

"He finally sits back, satisfied that he has solved a technical conundrum for the team.”

She admitted she was nervous before the encounter — and discovered she had chocolate on her teeth as she popped to the loo just before filming.

She said: “I start to scrub with what I realise too late is a palace hand towel.

"This is the most disastrous start to any interview I can imagine.”

She added she was stunned at how open the he was when it came to discussing Epstein.

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