Eureka! Seven-year-old is selling a wet $5 note for $755 at auction

Seven-year-old boy who found a soggy $5 note floating in the ocean while swimming hits the jackpot – and now it’s about to sell for more than $755 at auction

  • Seven-year-old found a $5 note at the beach and is selling it for $755 at auction
  • The boy found the note in the surf at an Auckland beach, NZ, while body surfing
  • His dad put the note on a New Zealand trade auction site for ‘fun’, asking for $10

A seven-year-old boy has struck gold after finding a yellow soaking five dollar note floating in the ocean, which is now sitting at $755 at auction. 

Zayne Hinton was swimming at Sumner Beach in Auckland, New Zealand, when he came across the note last Saturday. 

When his dad Brad Hinton suggested he put it up on auction website TradeMe as a ‘laugh’, he expected his son to pull in ten dollars.

Seven-year-old Zayne Hinton (pictured) struck gold after finding a yellow five dollar note floating in the ocean. The note is currently going for $755 at auction 

Zayne Hinton was swimming at Sumner Beach in Auckland, New Zealand when he came across the soggy note (pictured) last Saturday 

‘I came up and I saw the old five dollar note but I didn’t know it was an old five dollar note because it was just some orange thing, floating,’ George told Stuff NZ. 

Zayne immediately began to imagine what he could buy with the money, said his mum Phillipa.   

‘He thought he had the power to buy whatever he wanted,’ she said.

‘He loves motorbikes, so he thought he would be able to get a two-stroke motorbike and the mansion to go with it.’

When his dad Brad Hinton (pictured left) suggested his son Zayne (pictured right) put the bill (pictured) on auction website TradeMe as a ‘laugh’, he expected him to pull in $10

The lucky youngster is now $755 closer to his dream, with 24 bids and only nine hours left of the auction. 

[It’s] a tired looking note [possibly] been on a sea journey for some time,’ Mr Hinton wrote on the note’s auction ad.

He said the soggy bill was a bargain for someone who wanted a ‘five buck note with a story’.

Not everyone has supported the charmed seven-year-old though. 

Mr Hinton told AM there were ‘a few Karens’ on TradeMe but ‘they’re all good fun.’

One person commented under the item when it was first posted, ‘I think I’m confused along with the rest of the globe as to why five dollars is worth $10’.

One person said the five dollar should be handed ‘in to the police’ while another remarked New Zealand was a place ‘where people would rather spoil a middle class white kid than address poverty.’

The overwhelming number of bidders congratulated Zayne on the success of the auction of his rare find. 

The auction will end on Friday January 22 at 8.32pm. 

A wet and spotty five dollar New Zealand bill (pictured) is being sold for $755 on an auction website, over 110 times its original value

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