European Union devises £6.7million spy-proof plan to build bunker for clandestine talks

Putin ‘loves’ the ‘very silent’ EU says former spy

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The bunker would be built in Brussels and will be constructed with a NATO-certified cage to prevent Russian spies from listening in on conversations. The bunker is thought to also come with luxury catering in order for EU leaders to dine and discuss secret matters.

Concerns have been rising about the Kremlin eavesdropping on highly secret conversations about Russian sanctions and solutions to reduce EU dependency on Russian fuel.

The current precautionary measures against clandestine devices being used to listen in or record secret discussions is for the leaders to surrender their phones before entering the sensitive discussions.

The bunker will reportedly have a capacity for 100 people made up of 34 leaders, their assistant note-takers and protocol, restaurant, and technical staff.

The space will be enclosed in a military level insulation cage which has been certified by NATO to lessen the chances of “compromising emanations”.

The cage will be able to prevent Russian, Chinese and any others from intercepting electromagnetic and radio waves from screens and microphone wires.

The plans for the bunker, which have been drawn up by the EU, state that the area will be regularly checked for listening devices both before and after meetings.

It is also alleged that all decorative elements including tableware will receive a “technical security countermeasures inspection”.

In the plans that have been seen by the EUObserver website, the EU leaders who are accustomed to high quality refreshments and food will have this expectation satisfied with the chamber offering “a suitable level of comfort for VIPs”.

The staff who will be working in the bunker such as waiters and cleaners will all be graded on the “EU Secret” security clearance following the vetting process.

The high-level clearance includes information which may severely harm the interests of the EU, increase international tensions, or threaten life or public order.

Sources from the Belgian secret service spoke to EUObserver about the faults of the existing procedures to trace and find listening devices.

The procedures in Shape, NATO’s headquarters in Mons on the Belgian-French border are also not watertight.

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A source told EUObserver: “There are some empty houses beside Shape where member state intelligence services hold exercises on listening devices.

“One team has 24 hours to sweep for them. The Estonians are the best, but no one ever finds all the devices.”

It is thought that the new chamber will be constructed by 2024 in the European Council complex in Brussels where summits are already held.

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