Evil stepmum’s warning signs she was guilty of killing boy, 6, shared by expert

The evil stepmum who murdered a six-year-old boy unmasked her real emotions to the police in harrowing bodycam footage taken soon after the abhorrent crime, a body language expert has claimed.

Emma Tustin, was jailed today (December 3) for a minimum of 29 years over the torture and killing of little Arthur Labinjo-Hughes.

She murdered him with a fatal head injury while in the sole care of Arthur at her home in Solihull last June.

Her partner, Arthur's dad Thomas Hughes, was sentenced to 21 years in prison for manslaughter.

Now a police bodycam footage has shed light on how the killer stepmum tried to "justify" the death of a young boy by presenting herself as the "victim of any violence".

During the two-minute-long interview with the police, Tustin raised her hand and rubbed her nose from time to time as she described how Arthur kept banging his head on the floor.

"He banged the floor three to four times, I tried to pick him up," she told the officer while sobbing. "It knocked him out unconscious, I put him on the sofa, poured water in his mouth."

"He's banged his head to the radiator, he hit me, he kicked me."

Body language expert Judi James told The Mirror: "Sobbing in grief for little Arthur might have been an act too far for a woman who clearly still appears to be in a state of what looks like un-maskable anger for the boy.

"Her off-hand gesticulation at the start of this performance and her wordiness after being asked to ‘just briefly’ answer a police officer's question suggest a desire to step into the limelight and the dimple that appears on her left cheek suggests she is happy to talk in fast-paced detail about an event that ended in a small boy’s death."

At one point Tustin even walked in the house to show the policewoman where she claimed she found Arthur banging his head on the floor.

She said "I bear-hugged him and he head-boarded the floor three times. Round about…the door was shut, if you go in, I'll show you…it's probably around here, it's concrete."

Judie said this moment – where she volunteered to mime her story for the cameras pointing out the doorsteps – showed Tustin's confidence "grow".

"Her anger signals appear to increase as she role-plays and to validate this she becomes even more emphatic in describing what she wants us to believe was her own suffering: 'He hit me and kicked me', 'He head-butted me' 'He pushed me down the stairs'," she explained.

"We can see her nose wrinkle in a gesture of what looks like anger and disgust as she speaks about the small child."

Judi noted that the tears came at the point of her story that would imply "self-pity" rather than "grief".

She also noticed Tustin's partner, Thomas Hughes, was giving a body language of "self-attack or signal anxiety" when he put his hands on his hips and pushed his T-shirt to his waist.

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