Ex-WWE star who turned to OnlyFans says posing naked has helped with nudes leak

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A former WWE star who left the company for mental health reasons, has told how sharing racy snaps of herself on OnlyFans has helped her deal with the traumatic experience of having her nudes leaked online.

Toni Storm made a name for herself on the UK independent scene, mainly wrestling for Progress Wrestling, but she signed for WWE in 2017 – spending her first two years on the NXT UK brand.

She moved to the main roster in 2021, but her time lasted less than six months, leaving in December because of "burnout".

However, earlier this year she signed with AEW, as well as announcing that she would be launching an OnlyFans account, where subscribers are able to pay for access to her racy images and videos.

Speaking recently on The Sessions Podcast with Renee Paquette, Toni opened up about her departure from WWE, and admitted that her move into adult work had helped her grapple with a non-consensual leak of her nude images.

“That was the s**ts, but again, now that I do OnlyFans and I do that with my [photos], I feel in control,” she suggested.

“Starting an OnlyFans has weirdly helped because there’s a great deal of difference between wanting to share that kind of thing and having it taken from me and publicised.

“That was the s**ts when that happened, it totally sucked and broke me down but now I feel like I’ve built myself back up and then some, because it’s like what are you going to do?

“Subscribe to my OnlyFans now if you want to see a nude. I leak my own nudes now.”

But despite feeling more confident in her own skin, Toni revealed that she had set herself boundaries for the type of content that she plans on sharing with her subscribers.

She explained: “Everything that I post is completely up to me… I don’t do full-frontal nudity. I had someone think that I was straight up doing porn on there, but no.

“I do some pretty risque photo shoots, a lot of implied nudity and stuff like that, and I feel beautiful doing it to be honest, I think it’s a really empowering thing.”

Toni also took the opportunity to explain what had driven her to quit the highest tier of professional wrestling, and admitted that she had felt like she was going “insane” in the latter stages of her time with WWE.

“I was just tired of [thinking], ‘what am I doing this for?’… Do people really care where I go and do fake wrestling moves? Do people really care that bad, that I’ve got to be miserable day in, day out,” she remembered.

And, while stressing that she didn’t quit WWE solely to pursue an OnlyFans career, Toni admitted that the decision had been financially rewarding.

She added: “To be honest, quitting was better for me not just mentally, but financially.

"It’s a way better thing because now I can have my OnlyFans and that’s all mine… whereas you can’t have that in WWE.”

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