Experts reveal best place to stand in your house to survive nuclear explosion

In light of Russia's war escalating in Ukraine, researchers have been busy studying where the best place to stand in your house would be if a nuclear explosion hit.

On Wednesday (January 18) it was reported Vladimir Putin's nation has built a new weapon capable of causing "radioactive tsunamis".

The nuclear torpedoes, known as Poseidon, reportedly have the ability to trigger giant radioactive waves, with the weapons having been described by some news organisations as the country's most "inhumane" and "fearsome" yet.

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Now, scientists at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, used computer models to investigate the impact nuclear blast winds could have on the human body and buildings they might be using as a shelter.

The study, entitled Nuclear Explosion Impact on Humans Indoors' and published in Physics of Fluids states the main danger comes from structures briefly acting as wind tunnels for the powerful nuclear winds.

It reveals that nuclear war experts divide immediate areas around nuclear explosion sites into three categories – the Severe Damage Zone, the Moderate Damage Zone, and the Light Damage Zone.

The focus of the study is the Moderate Damage Zone, where radiation persists, but is survivable.

"The primary danger to human survivability in indoor spaces becomes the extreme high-speed winds that enter through the various openings in the building, e.g. windows," the study reads.

"In addition, the propagation of shock waves indoors will interact with walls and deflect around corners, doors and obstacles. These interactions may induce higher pressures due to channelling effects, thus increasing the injury risk."

Dimitris Drikakis, professor at the University and one of the study's authors told Motherboard: "If people see the explosion from far away, they must take shelter ASAP.

"If they are at the window, they should run away from it inside the building and take shelter in a room without openings or in the corners of the rooms/corridors."


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