Family mourns Sydney man killed by shark in New Caledonia

The Sydney man killed by a shark while swimming in New Caledonia has been remembered by his family as a beloved husband and father.

Chris Davis was holidaying when he was attacked on February 19 near a pontoon about 150 metres from shore at Chateau Royal Beach in Noumea.

Chris Davis was killed by a shark while swimming in New Caledonia.Credit:DFAT

Rescuers spent close to 40 minutes trying to save him, but he died from his injuries.

Davis’ wife and three adult children said they were “deeply mourning the loss” and were thankful to the media and public for respecting their privacy.

“Chris was a senior software programming consultant in the superannuation and funds management industry and a keen triathlete, having represented Australia several times in age group world championship events,” they said.

“[We] express [our] sincere gratitude to the New Caledonian authorities for the efforts in treating him and to the Australian and New Caledonian governments for aiding his return to Australia.”

New Caledonian authorities shared a picture with Nine News of a four-metre tiger shark that was hooked in waters near where Davis was swimming.

It is believed the culled shark could be the one that killed Davis, Nine reported.

The tiger shark that authorities believe may have killed Chris Davis in New Caledonia. Credit:Nine News

CCTV footage of the beach was played by TV channel Nouvelle-Caledonie 1ere showing significant splashing in a section of water not far from shore.

The video then cuts to rescuers riding a jet-ski to the spot and going back to shore, before going out again and circling the location.

A 49-year-old woman was seriously injured at the same beach on January 29 when she was bitten by a bull shark. She was later treated in an Australian hospital.

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