Family of girl, 2, who fell to her death from cruise ship could face charges

A toddler who fell 150 feet to her death from a cruise ship may have been murdered, police say.

San Juan Police Department homicide cop Sergeant Jose Sanchez said it was too early to conclusively declare 18 month-old Chloe Wiegand’s tragic death an accident.

The Puerto Rican detective told ‘There are various possibilities. It could be a homicide. It could be a murder. It could be an accident.

‘We are currently in the very early stages of the investigation.

‘We haven’t ruled out any possibility.’

Sanchez said his force was committed to a ‘professional, thorough investigation’ into Chloe’s death in San Juan Sunday, and said that his officers’ ‘duty lies with the victim.’

Meanwhile, another spokesman for San Juan Police Department confirmed Chloe’s family had been interviewed, and could face some form of criminal charge over her death.

Chloe fell to her death from Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas ship as it was docked in San Juan Monday.

Her family’s lawyer Michael Winkelman said the youngster’s death was a tragic accident caused by a window left open on the 11th deck of the cruise ship.

He added that the little girl’s love of ice hockey games may also have contributed to her tragic death.

Winkelman told NBC News that Chloe loved cheering her older brother at such games, and would often bang on the safety glass at the edge of the rink.

He said Chloe, from South Bend in Indiana, wandered towards a glass wall in a child’s play area moments before her death.

Winkelman said Chloe then gestured that she wanted to be lifted up to the glazed area, with her grandpa Salavatore Anello obliging the request.

The attorney continued: ‘Essentially, her grandfather lifts her up and puts her on a railing and where he thinks that there is glass there because it’s clear, but it turns out there was no glass there.

‘She goes to bang on the glass like she would have at one of those hockey rinks and the next thing you know, she’s gone.’

Chloe fell 150 feet from the ship’s 11th deck onto a concrete dock below.

She was rushed to hospital and pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

Pictures taken afterwards show an open window on the glass-walled portion of the ship.

Winkelman said Chloe’s family are considering a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean.

The cruise line has paid tribute to Chloe, and is cooperating with police, but has not commented further.

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