Fans call royals ‘cowards’ for not bringing out ‘Home Alone’ Prince Louis

Twitter has branded the Royal Family ‘cowards’ for leaving all-new fan-favourite Prince Louis at home for his grandmother’s funeral.

On a day full of sombre reflection on of happier times, many onlookers’ attention turned to the glaring omission of the young Prince, who lit up his ‘Gan-Gan’s’ Platinum Jubilee with a breakout performance.

The missing main man led many online to call for him to be rolled out, possibly to bring a little light-hearted cheer to the otherwise bleak day.

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Writing on Twitter, @carbdiem wrote: “BRING OUT LOUIS YOU COWARDS” before adding four hilarious images of him.

Agreeing in the comments, user @Lauren2212x said: “Feel like he’s the North West of the Royal family ngl”.

@onlyjoekin_ said: “People thinking Prince Louis isn’t there because he’s too young

“The real reason: High chance of chaos”.

The idea of the young royal at home and causing chaos unsupervised captured the imagination of the internet

“He's doing a Home Alone in the Palace!” said @embroidertruth.

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Another user imagined him a Mr Blobby, walking through the Palace smashing everything in his path and others as a sulky toddler sitting at home crossly watching the funeral on TV.

Images of the fantastic four-year-old are still, months later, among the most widely and frequently circulated on the internet.

Snaps of him covering his mother’s mouth at the Platinum Jubilee will go down among the fondest of memories from the UK’s 2022.

Other beloved images include him throwing a double peace sign to the sky, pulling the skin around his eyes down and covering his ears and screaming up at the heavens.

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Louis being left out of the proceedings for the Queen comes as little surprise given his age and within the context of others feeling that his older siblings, George and Charlotte had too big a role to play.

Royal expert Daniela Elser even went so far as to call the move of bringing out the regal pair “queasy”.

She felt that the day was too much for the young duo, writing in "George and Charlotte were not inside the Abbey to say goodbye to their Gan Gan, they were there to perform and they were there to sell a carefully considered image of continuity and unity, along with adding a spoonful of cutesy sugar to counteract the vinegary presence of the Sussexes."


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