Father drives around city for an hour wearing his daughter's tiara

Crowning glory! Hilarious moment doting father realises he has been driving around city for an hour wearing his daughter’s princess tiara

  • Stephen Cronin, from Limerick, Ireland, accidentally wore his daughter’s tiara
  • The Irish dad sported it on his head for an hour while running errands in the city
  • He only realised his mistake when his partner Hayley Purcell pointed it out 

This is the hilarious moment a doting father realised he had been driving around wearing his young daughter’s princess tiara.

Hayley Purcell, from Limerick, Ireland, filmed her fiancé Stephen Cronin as he picked her up in his car unaware he was still sporting little the silver plastic crown, complete with a big purple heart-shaped gem. 

He only noticed when she asked him if he had been playing with their daughter Layla, which prompted him to look in his car mirror.

As soon as he spots the headgear, embarrassed Stephen whips it off his head and starts laughing.

Hayley shared the footage online and revealed that he fiance had driven around the city rocking the ‘princess look’ for an hour while running errands. 

Stephen Cronin was rocking the ‘princess look’ for an hour while running errands in Ireland

Hayley’s mother had tipped her off that Stephen had left the house wearing it after playing with their daughter Layla

Hayley had received a call from her mother letting know that Stephen had accidentally left the house with a tiara on his head after playing with his daughter. 

Hayley said: ‘When I left work I had the camera on in hope that he would still have it on and, as you know, he did. Turns out he had it on more than an hour.’

Hayley posted her footage on TikTok on April 10, where it has since had more than 529,000 views and 72,000 likes.

Hundreds of users commented on the funny video. TikTok user Goran Kralj said: ‘Well if that’s not the sign of a good father I don’t know what is.’

Meanwhile, Leah Mulvey said: ‘He’s too used to wearing that he forgot he had it on.’

Father-of-two Swav is wearing the pink bow picked out for him by his daughters Franki and Stevie for his birthday, being celebrated in the family’s home in Toronto, Canada

It’s not the first time a doting father has been caught on camera in childish headgear.

Adorable video captured Swav Pior wearing a pink bow in his hair after his two-year-old daughter chose his birthday presents, which also included pink unicorn slippers and nail polish. 

Franki Pior was filmed by her mother Karalea in a Dollarama store in Toronto, Canada, picking out items for Swav last November.

Helped by her one-year-old sister Stevie she also chose a plastic microphone, which she used in the clip shared on Karalea’s Instagram to sing Happy Birthday to her father.  

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