Fears for Brit tourist as deadly world’s fastest shark spotted off Spanish coast

The world's fastest shark that can swim at 43mph and is 8ft long has been spotted lurking off an area on the Spanish coast popular with British tourists, sparking fears for their safety.

This particular mako shark was 8ft long, which pales in comparison to the 15ft that the species can reach.

However, that will do little to console tourists and locals around Garraf, Barcelona, who will now be wary of entering the water.

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The beast was recorded last week during an expedition of the Cetacean Association.

Underwater photographer David Jara, who captured the images alongside Carlos Molina, told El Pais: "We saw a large black shadow in motion."

He added: “We were a bit confused. But suddenly we saw something protruding from the sea.

"At first we thought it was a sunfish, but soon we noticed a dorsal fin.

"Then we approached, stopped at a safe distance and he also approached the boat. It was impressive."

The team didn't initially know what species the beast was, and thought better of jumping in to get a closer look.

The team said they have never come across the species on this coast in 10 years of expeditions there.

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Marine biologist Claudio Barría confirmed: "I have no record of a video made of a shortfin mako from underwater in the Spanish Mediterranean."

And despite being potential bad news for swimmers, Barria added that the encounter is a "good sign" for the Mediterranean ecosystem.

This is because the shortfin mako is a critically endangered species.

Sharks have already claimed the lives of six people this year, with at least 33 more people injured during vicious attacks.

Worryingly, 39 attacks have been reported since January, and survivors have been left with horrifying wounds after the giant predators bit off more than they could chew.

The frightful injuries were suffered by victims made up of 26 men and 13 women who endured the terrifying encounters, one victim being an eight-year-old girl.


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