Film from 1937 ‘that proves time travel’ shows unusually dressed woman talk into a MOBILE PHONE, bizarre theory claims | The Sun

INTERNET sleuths reckon this film from 1937 is proof of time travel.

One woman stands out of the crowd – not only for how she's dressed but also for what's in her hand.

The grainy news reel footage shows a group of people descending the steps of what appears to be a large church.

Most of the women are dressed in peasant-style dresses with headscarves covering their hair.

Among the throng is a dark-haired woman in a more modern outfit for the time, with bare forearms only a small hat on her head.

Strikingly, she appears to be holding an unknown object up to her ear like a 21st century mobile phone.

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And she is clearly talking as she walks along the street.

Close-up images show her in turns speaking and pausing as if to listen to the other half of the conversation.

The film – shot at an unknown location – was posted online by conspiracy theorists.

One comment said: “There is no question that she is speaking as she descends the stairs while holding a small object next to her ear.

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“We can only wonder who is she speaking to and and what exactly is she speaking in!”

Last week we told how news reel footage from 1938 is claimed to show a "quantum leaper" speaking into a phone on a street in New York.

A YouTube user claimed the woman was her grandmother Gertrude Jones – who was using an experimental wireless phone made by US industrial giant Dupont.

Meanwhile conspiracy theorists are convinced a time traveller was captured in a war time street scene from Reykjavik in 1943.

The mystery man is shown watching passing GIs and sailors while holding his hand to his ear in a style that is familiar today.

In the same year, a "texting travelling tourist" was allegedly snapped thumbing a smartphone among sunbathers on a beach in Cornwall.

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Others dismissed the ridiculous claims, insisting the man was simply rolling a cigarette.

Another photo of a New York dockyard in 1905 is claimed to show proof of time travel – because of one man's extreme haircut.

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