Fisherman screams as huge great white shark breaches water to steal catch

A fisherman was left screaming in amazement when he accidentally reeled in a massive great white shark.

Jimmy Armel, from Savannah in Georgia, the US, headed off the coast of Tybee Island for a leisurely fishing trip yesterday (January 6) but ended up getting more than he bargained for when he felt a strong pull on the bait.

Footage shared onto Jimmy's Facebook, American Fishing Charters, shows the great white circling the boat moments before being caught.

The camera cuts to the distance to show a subtle movement on the fishing rope before Jimmy shouts in excitement.

As the camera zooms into what appears to be his catch of the day, a shark suddenly breaches the water surface and tries to grab the bait.

At the same time, a flock of seagulls fly above the apex predator, suggesting the beast is stealing Jimmy's catch.

Jimmy runs to the front of the boat and yells: "Oh my God!"

By the time he returns to the fishing rod, the great white has disappeared into the sea.

He wrote on the post: "Today a feeling came over me like nothing I have ever felt before. Feeling the sheer power of the great white shark is something that is indescribable."

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  • Viewers felt for his excitement and called it an "awesome experience".

    One commented: "This guy's scream is the excitement I live for when it comes to fishing."

    Another said: "I get fired up!"

    In Australia, experts from the Department of Fisheries spotted a monster 5-metre long great white shark and tried to tag it.

    Drone footage taken by local media shows the fishing boat closing in on the sea creature just off the Cottesloe Beach in Perth.

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