Five cups of tea a day help the over 85s focus, researchers say

FIVE cups of tea a day help the over 85s focus, researchers say.

Their attention span and reactions stay sharper, along with psychomotor skills which link brain and movement.

But Dr Edward Okello, of Newcastle University’s Human Nutrition Research Centre, could not be sure if it was down to the drink itself or the routine of making it.

He added it might even be “sharing a chat over a cup of tea” which is important.

His team studied the tea-drinking habits of those over 85 living in their own homes or in assisted accommodation.

They were asked questions and given tests.

Tea drinkers showed better accuracy and speed of reaction.

These skills could help in daily activities such as driving, sewing and finishing a jigsaw.

The findings suggest black tea — Camellia sinensis — should be considered for the very old in any diet.

Dr Okello said: “We now know that enjoying a cup of tea quenches your thirst and has benefits for over 85s’ attention span.”

Previous research has shown tea has health benefits including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and may even aid weight loss.

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