Five more men sentenced over wedding reception that turned into brawl

That’s a REAL wedding bash! Five more men are sentenced over spa hotel reception that turned into terrifying 50-person ‘bloodbath’ brawl

  • More than £18,000 of damage was caused to Daresbury Park Hotel, Warrington
  • Men threw tables, chairs and glasses at each other during fight on June 26, 2019
  • Some guests had to barricade themselves into function room for own protection
  • Five men were jailed yesterday for their roles in the mass brawl at the hotel
  • Comes after four men, including three of the same family, sentenced yesterday

Five more men have been jailed over a wedding reception at a luxury spa hotel that descended into chaos when a violent 50-guest brawl broke out.

More than £18,000 worth of damage was inflicted on the Daresbury Park Hotel in Warrington, Cheshire, after the men threw tables, chairs and glasses at each other in June 2019.

Some of the guests had to barricade themselves into a function room for their own protection, with glasses also thrown at police officers as they arrived at the scene.

John Stokes, 23, John Steven Stokes, 27, Stephen Stokes, 25, Brian Stokes, 25, and Edward Joseph Stokes, 21, were all jailed yesterday for their part in the huge fight.

It comes after a further four men, including three members of the same family, were sentenced over the same incident on Monday.

Thomas Stokes, 30, Edward William Stokes, 28, Terry Stokes, 36 and Edward Stokes, 50, who were also involved in the wedding bash.

Newly released mugshots have revealed the brutal aftermath of the altercation, with blood dripping down the eyes of one of the defendants, while others are shown to have suffered cuts and bruises.

Police were initially forced to retreat from the hotel in Warrington, Cheshire, when the punch-up began and armed officers were brought in to restore order.

More than £18,000 worth of damage was inflicted on the Daresbury Park Hotel in Warrington, Cheshire

Stephen Stokes, of Fairfield and Howley, was sent to prison for 20 months. His mugshot shows him covered in cuts with blood dripping from his left eye

Edward William Stokes, Terry Stokes and Thomas Stokes have all been jailed over the fight in June 2019

John Stokes and Edward Joseph Stokes have both been jailed for their involvement in the huge brawl

John Stokes is one of the five defendants sentenced at Chester Crown Court over their role in the fight

Brian Stokes, of Crewe, was jailed for 18 months at Chester Crown Court yesterday following the mass bawl

Prosecutors described the incident as ‘mayhem’, with CCTV footage shown in court revealing that staff, wedding planners and children were present during the fight.

At one point, several of the men armed themselves with various items such as coat stands and fire extinguishers before making their way back to the main room to continue causing the disorder. 

Chester Crown Court heard dozens of officers were called to the scene and 30 police cars flooded the area to contain the violence at around 11.35pm.

But as they entered the corridor towards the function room, glasses started to be thrown in their direction. 

For their safety, they returned downstairs to the reception area and requested further back up from armed officers to assist with the disorder

The fighting only stopped when the men were finally detained.. 

At the sentencing on Monday, Judge Simon Berkson told the court the events of what should have been a joyous day were ‘truly shocking’.

He said: ‘The events of that day were truly shocking to anyone who saw them.. For those present and innocent, one can only imagine the fear.

‘What should have been a happy occasion, a wedding, turned into a bloodbath. The suite was set up for a celebration, with a DJ playing music, people dancing and enjoying themselves. This came to an end when violence broke out.’

Robert Philpotts, prosecuting, said the huge brawl erupted between up to 50 guests at the wedding reception on June 26, 2019.

He said that at around 11pm, the reception was in full swing, with 150 people expected in a function room on the first floor.

But 15 minutes later, a barman saw three men arguing as he left to collect items from the main bar and when he returned, a huge fight between some 40 men had started.

CCTV footage played to the court showed glasses and chairs being thrown across the room, as well as displays being ripped down and a sweet cart overturned.

Wedding-goers hid for cover after a 50-person mass brawl turned the ‘happy’ event into an absolute ‘bloodbath’

The huge brawl erupted between up to 50 guests at the wedding reception at Daresbury Park Hotel, Warrington, Cheshire, on June 26, 2019

Police were called to the hotel after a night porter saw what was happening on CCTV, but the first dispatch of officers withdrew on arrival because they were unable to deal with the situation without further support.

It took a unit of armed backup officers to restore order and around 30 police cars were spotted rushing to the area, while Warrington Hospital even declared a major incident.

However, only three people were taken to hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

The court heard more than £16,000 worth of ‘extensive’ damage was caused to the hotel and and a further £2,400 to items belonging to the wedding planner.

In a statement, the hotel manager said the incident was the worst he had seen in his career, with blood and glass covering the dance floor and walls.

On top of the damage, which the court heard had been paid for by the Stokes family, £300 of alcohol was also stolen and glass was taken for weapons.

In a victim impact statement, the wedding arranger revealed how nine years’ worth of stock, which was her livelihood, was destroyed – impacting other weddings planning to hire the items.

Following the sentencing, Detective Constable Sophie Davies said innocent wedding-goers had been left ‘understandably shaken’ by what they witnessed that day.

She said: ‘The disorder caused by these men in 30 minutes led to the function room, the items that were borrowed from a company as part of the wedding party and other areas of the hotel being completely destroyed at a cost of almost £15,000.

‘The level of violence involved meant the officers who first attended to the hotel were unable to access the function room to bring the other guests, who were understandably shaken by what was happening, to safety due to having items thrown directly at them.

‘The full extent of what happened was captured on CCTV footage from inside the hotel enabling us to see the full scale of the violence from start to finish and showed how much these men were intent on causing harm to each other as well as to others.’

Yesterday John Stokes, of Antrim, was jailed for 16 months. He was sentenced alongside John Steven Stokes, of Crewe, who was sentenced to 21 months’ imprisonment.

Stephen Stokes, of Fairfield and Howley, was sent to prison for 20 months and Brian Stokes, of Crewe, was jailed for 18 months.

Fifth defendant Edward Joseph Stokes, also of Crewe, was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment. 

On Monday Edward William Stokes, of Milton Keynes, was jailed for 27 months. 

He was sentenced with Terry Stokes, of Winsford, who was jailed for 21 months and Thomas Stokes, of Milton Keynes, who has been sentenced to 25 months’ imprisonment. 

Edward Stokes, of Crewe, was given a 16-week prison sentence suspended for 18 months and 100 hours unpaid work. 

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